My name is Blair Smoulder and I live in Warren, PA. However, most of my backyard growing and hybridizing is done at our cottage at Chautauqua Lake in NY. I worked in management at BLAIR Corp in Warren prior to retiring a number of years ago. Because of my attachment to growing stuff over the years, I was easily captivated by my first visit to a hybridizer's daylily garden. Now I have something new to oversee and enjoy.

I only do about 300 seedlings a year, but it provides enough to share with others and local organizations. "Presently", my focus is on tet patterns with an open form, large tet spiders in darker colors, large green throats, and round red eyed and edged dl's on a white background.

At this point, my registrations have been dedicated to organizations of meaning in my life, to friends for significant events or to charitable purposes. A few of my favorites are 'Jim Lives On', 'Davina', 'Diehard Engineers', 'Redemptor', 'Sanitas Scientia Sanctitas', and 'The Hour of Eleven'.